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    Get all five language courses with original CNN videos in this unique package!

    By learning with CNN Legal, CNN Business English, CNN News, CNN Travel and CNN Money & Finance, you are motivated to train your knowledge of English particularly effectively. The videos range from special legal questions and exciting news to travel reports about the most far-away places of the world. All videos are equipped with bilingual subtitles and comprehensive learning tools. Your personal vocab coach helps you improve your vocabulary while you train accent-free pronunciation with the digital pronunciation coach. Interactive exercises matching each video top off your language skills. In the end, you test yourself in interactive intermediate tests. Feel secure and confident in English!

    Learning content:

    • Topical videos
    • The most important words for each video
    • Digital pronunciation exercises with live feedback
    • Interactive exercises on grammar and vocabulary
    • Tests for self-monitoring your learning progress
    • Proficiency level: B2

    CNN Legal
    The perfect training for those interested in politics

    With our Legal package, you will learn competent legal English whilst staying up to date with the latest in legal developments from around the world. This includes four topics ranging from interviews with top legal representatives to international politics explained. Each video comes with different grammar and pronunciation exercises which have been tailored to legal English.
    The Legal package will help you improve your legal and conversational English with the help of interactive tools. This package is suited to all those with interests in political and global affairs.

    CNN Business English
    The perfect language learning training for managers

    For international companies and their skilled employees, a proficient knowledge of English is increasingly important. With the help of the three topics in this package, the learner uses original language videos to learn business English in a fast and reliable way.
    The videos provide a detailed insight into the work of global business with interviews featuring some of the most successful business leaders from around the world.
    With CNN’s world class content, you can learn business English with confidence. This package suits anyone with an interest in business or a need to communicate effectively at work in English.

    CNN News
    The ideal language learning training for all news junkies

    Watch the news and learn English. Daily News from around the world, covering the biggest world stories. Five topics are included within this package, ranging from the global economy to technological advances from around the world.
    Authentic daily CNN news content has been transformed into an effective teaching program using papagei’s unique learning technology.

    CNN Travel
    The ideal language training for globe-trotters

    CNN Travel videos have been turned into effective learning programs enabling you to travel the world with CNN’s "Style" and "Business Traveller" and learn English at the same time.
    With four key topics spanning the world of travel, you can embark on an exotic learning journey while enjoying the fun and adventure that comes with every CNN travel video.
    This package explores many anthropological and geographical topics and is suited to anyone with an adventurous spirit.

    CNN Money & Finance
    The right language learning training for investment buffs

    CNN Money & Finance covers financial stories from across the world – delving into the stock market, global fluctuations of currencies and hints and tips of investments. For each video, the learner completes different grammar and pronunciation exercises and will improve on their financial terminology and general knowledge of the financial industry.
    CNN Money & Finance is the right language learning program for stock exchange experts and those with interests in investments.

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