Coloring collection for kids




    This is an educational application that encourages and helps your child learn, grow and develop in an intelligent and creative way. In addition to entertaining, improve your creativity and entertain positive contributions for growth and development.

    This entertaining game allows you to draw, color, paint, doodle, decorate, make and embellish in a very simple way, in the same way you do on paper, books or magazines, using the option of painting as brushes, crayons or pencils.

    Images can be stored not only in memories and dreams, but also in applications to edit them and continue them at all times while they learn.
    The coloring games are fun, educational and free for your toddler or preschooler.

    Many free coloring pages linked to different categories:
    - Pets: cats, dogs, horses and others
    - Wild animals
    - the birds
    - Marine animals
    - princess and fairy
    - seasonal holidays: Halloween, Christmas, Easter, New Year and others
    - buildings: castles, houses, etc.
    - vehicles: cars, tracks
    - mandala
    and many others such as flowers, fruits and vegetables.

    • 100% free content.
    • Simple and intuitive design.
    • pencils, crayons, different strokes and colors.
    • Seals to decorate.
    • Special effects through the use of vibrant and vibrant colors.
    • Undo and delete the functions for partial or total elimination.
    • Save the image in the album to edit it
    • share the coloring results

    Help children learn color combinations and develop motor skills.
    You can choose the color you want! Scroll through the coloring picture to choose your favorite or do it all.
    Happy coloring!

    Tell us your experience and evaluate our application and post a comment to improve its functions.
    Thank you