ColorMagix offers you the opportunity to bluetooth-based control of aerolight to fully enjoy. With ColorMagix you can sleep comfortably one of the innumerable colors of the color palette, or an image, which you can download in the app select and send these color information from any point on your MD device. This ColorMagix supports the most important features, so you do not have to switch to another app to turn the unit or to adjust the brightness. Random color and smoothmode can also be retrieved. A scroll on the color palette / image is not possible. It has previously only on the gray background scrolled and then scroll over the color palette / image. The marker (1-3) are for bonus colors. These are hereby adopted and called. Drag to save the marker to any position around the respective bonus-color. The markers are aimed using the stored color automatically.
    If you want to upload personal photos, click the Camera-icon. A quick double-click on the image invokes the normal background again.
    You can use your smartphone simply "shake" once to turn the light on or off (when nude Connection).

    ColorMagix is only compatible with aerolight (from V. 7.0.4). Check the software version of the device and update this if necessary by means MDTerm.

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