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    Improve your guitar skill, knowledge and timing by playing your guitar along to a chord progression and key of your choice and all with the help of a built in metronome. With all the chords and scales for the progression on display at the same time, no more practicing guitar looking in different places for information or juggling books while you play guitar. Choose the song key, guitar chord progression and guitar solo scale modes as you play along to the backing track and keep in time with the help of a visual metronome.

    Practice the chords, arpeggio over or Strum along to the progression to vary your guitar practice session or solo in the scale; or purchase the full version Metronomus Guitar and raise your game to solo over the chord changes and unlock more keys and progressions.

    Press stop at any time to pause the progression to learning guitar chords, scales and restart at any time to play along with the music and practice what you have studied.

    Try the free version now with unlimited usage on two keys, solo in song key mode only and only one unobtrusive ad per practice session.

    A great new way to practice guitar!

    *Full version only*
    Learn to solo along in two modes, song key or chord changes. In song key mode the visual fretboard will display just the scale for the song key and in chord change option will change the visual fretboard will display the scale as the current chord playing.