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    Traditional calculators are useful for many things, however they were not made to count money, but CashCulator does.

    We present CashCulator, the best calculator to count cash.

    Do not get confused while you count your money. With this cash calculator you only have to insert the amount of banknotes and coins, either by pressing the add or subtract button, or through the numeric keyboard to obtain the total.

    CashCulator has the currencies of the following countries:

    - United States of America
    - Canada
    - European Union
    - United Kingdom
    - Ukraine
    - Mexico
    - Colombia
    - Peru
    - Chile
    - Argentina
    - Uruguay
    - Paraguay
    - Dominican Republic
    - Nicaragua
    - India
    - China
    - Japan
    - Australia
    - Egypt
    - Turkey
    - And more on the way.

    Money is an important resource that needs to be taken care of. Knowing how much you have is important to take care of it and CashCulator helps you to count it easily, quickly and accurately. It also has the most friendly and elegant interface.

    If you are a cashier or in charge of a sale store, you may have to count a lot of cash every day. Don’t miss any money again, CashCulator will help you deliver clear accounts.

    Or if you are a waiter, CashCulator will help you count tips easily.

    Even for your personal finances, so you know how much money you have in your wallet, or to count the banknotes and coins in your piggy bank or moneybox.

    Has it happened to you that you count the money 2 or 3 times and it gives you a different total? With a single banknote or coin that you miss the account fails. But with this efficient money counter you considerably reduce the risk of making a mistake, check it out, you have nothing to lose because CashCulator is also a free app.

    CashCulator not only helps you save time, but also helps you save money and be more productive, how? Here we explain it to you:

    We often waste petty cash because we are too lazy to count them, right? But if you know how much those coins value, you'll take care of it. Also the time you saved by counting with CashCulator can be invested in more useful things in your business to produce more incomes.

    Install CashCulator and enjoy counting your cash, you will see that it will become a game, exciting and fun.

    - Clean interface, elegant and easy to use.
    - Press and hold to increase or decrease automatically.
    - Numeric keypad to easily insert large quantities.
    - Down button in the keypad to move between the rows.
    - Small balloon that shows the amount to increase or decrease to prevent the finger from covering the visibility.
    - The total is updated each time money is added or subtracted.
    - When leaving the application, the last account is saved.
    - Traditional calculator integrated to avoid leaving the app to do regular calculations.
    - Change the background of the app to have a fresh look.
    - Available currencies: American and Canadian Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Mexican, Colombian, Chilean and Argentine Peso, Indian Rupee, Egyptian Pound, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, Ukrainian Hryvnia, Australian Dollar, Uruguayan Peso, Paraguayan Guarani, Dominican Peso, Nicaraguan Cordoba, Peruvian Sol and Turkish Lira.
    - A generic currency for those that do not appear on the list.

    If you want us to add the currency of your country or if you have any comments, send us an email to the account shown below.

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