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    This app aims to be the "one stop" app for all data related to StarCraft 2 unit interactions, and unit statistics.

    Still in development, this application's Unit V Unit mode will take units from the RTS, StarCraft 2 (Legacy of the Void), and virtually battles them out, in a way that would accurately reflect the outcome were they to be loaded with the actual game. In this way, a user may compare the strengths and weaknesses of units and how they interact with other units from their phone. After the instantaneous battle, statistics are given.

    The program will eventually have 4 different modes, though these are still in development, and only 3 have been released so far. The most popular and useful mode in comparing battles between 2 units, is Unit V Unit.

    Unit Information Database will simply be a large repository of every single unit in the game and all of their statistic, searchable by unit name, race, and other options. It will have large amounts of information on each unit, including description, lore, and uses, as well as its basic stats.

    Take A Quiz will allow the user to quiz themselves over the content on the app.

    Known bugs include:
    - Cyclone lock-on and Prismatic Alignment are infinitely long.
    - Corruptor's Caustic Spray doesn't yet work
    Please report all bugs to in order to help the app run smoothly and become bug free as soon as possible.

    Recently updated to support other screen sizes!

    This application is not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment or StarCraft. All StarCraft images and trademarks are property of Blizzard Entertainment and are used in accordance with the guidelines laid out here: All images are screenshots of units within the game, and should be considered "Downloaded Content".

    ---- Credits ----
    Wonder aka 'HaNa' for providing the main icon!
    TL for providing the wiki where most unit data is taken or confirmed!
    StarCraft's FANDOM pages for providing Lore information!
    And of course, thanks the parent company for making this awesome game, called StarCraft (2).

    Thanks for all the support on this project. I try to reply to reviews and it's nothing personal if we disagree or if I do reply, as I will always try to have an open mind about your comment suggestion or comment. I will also try not to take negative comments personally.

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