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    Ever needed to know what the current wind speed and direction is where you are at?
    Want to know how windy it is outside without having to run out there and throw some grass in the air?
    Now you can with the Wind Compass!

    Wind Compass gets your current location and then the current weather conditions based on that location. No fuss, no configuration, just quick weather readouts.

    Current options include the ability to switch Wind Speed reading between Miles/hour or Kilometers/hour or Knots or Beaufort Wind Force or Meters Per Second
    Select Compass north from True North or Magnetic North
    Select Temperature from Fahrenheit or Celsius
    Select the Arrow direction of the Wind Indicator from Blowing To or Coming From

    Along with your wind info, Wind Compass also displays:
    Current Temperature as well as the Estimated Highs and Lows for that day.
    Sunrise/Sunset times as well as the estimated "First Light" and "Last light" times for that day (Also known as Nautical Twilight Start and End)
    24 Hour Forecast as well as 7 Day Forecast giving you a weather timeline for the Time, Estimated Temperature, Estimated Wind Speed and Direction and % Chance of precipitation by the hour or day.

    You can also change the look of the app by selecting from the many different background types including standard colored backgrounds.

    Wind Compass uses the Weather data to provide accurate conditions where you are. Just open the app, let it update, and there you go. Darksky uses many sources and creates as accurate of a forecast as possible for your location.

    As an added bonus, Wind Compass shows you which way is North so if you are inside or turned around, you can always know which way is north, along with the current wind direction.

    If you have any issues with Wind Compass please email to quickly get the issue resolved.You can also submit a feature request or bug report right from inside the settings area!

    *NOTE* Compass functionality within the app requires physical compass functionality built in.

    *NOTE* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

    *NOTE* Storage/Media/Files access is required for saving the share image and for data cacheing with normal usage of the app.

    *NOTE* Location access is required to get your current location to get the weather info.


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