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    Get the latest news from the world of politics, business, sports, entertainment, food, fashion, travel. Technology, health and more completely personalized to your tastes & preferences. News the way you want it!

    Create your personalized video news list and share your opinions with the fellow users of editor ji. Watch the latest news in India and breaking news from around the world on the go anytime you want and in the language of your choice: English or Hindi News.

    Stay up to date with the India Cricket series 2018 schedule, India Cricket match results & much more.

    Follow the latest election news and results. Get the latest news on upcoming General Elections and more!

    Check the latest news updates on the stock market, biggest winners and losers of the day and what’s happening in the world of business!

    Top Features Of The editor ji

    Personalised Newscast: Choose the topics you like and edit the news by reordering or deleting videos. If you’re not interested in watching a story, you simply need to swipe left and you move on to the next video story.

    Local News: We curate localised news stories based on your current location so that you are up-to-date with the latest in your vicinity

    AI Powered App: Use our advanced AI technology to help build a video news list for you with trending news stories and latest updates from the topics that you choose. Just tap on the play button and watch.

    Multilingual Platform: Get breaking news on-the-go in the language of your choice. View videos in English and Hindi. Regional languages to be added soon.

    Offline Download : Don’t have internet? Don’t worry. Watch daily news in offline mode by downloading your newscast and view it whenever you want.

    Choose Your Time: Watch short or long newscasts depending on your preference. Each newscast lets you watch multiple video news across different genres.

    High Quality Video Streams: New videos uploaded everyday with the highest quality of graphics and visuals. Easy to understand and easy to use news.

    Record Your Opinions: Record your own opinions and share your personal newscasts with your friends and family.

    editor ji curates the top news stories for you. Pick your interests and editor ji will create a customized news bulletin for you to sit back and watch. Get your news, just the way you want it.

    If you have any trouble using the editor ji, you can write to us at . You can also check out the editor ji website:

    Camera: To allow you to record your opinion on the day's news stories and share it.
    Location: We curate localised news stories based on your current location.
    Microphone: We require microphone access to enable voice-based searching.
    Storage: When you choose to use the offline download feature, we download a small playlist for you, so that you can access the newslist even when you are on the go.

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