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    Smart Guitar: Start playing Blues, Rock, Jazz, Spanish and other styles on Guitar. While you play the lessons you will intuitively understand how to Play Guitar.

    If you are taking guitar lessons and you want to play guitar songs or if you are beginner and you want to learn step by step then you should use this app. It is made for those who want to learn guitar

    There are several types of guitars lesson: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Spanish guitar or classical guitar.
    Whether you’re young or old, there’s no better feeling than learning to play an instrument. While many attempt to learn the guitar, it is unfortunately very common for beginners to give up after only a couple of months. Guitar lessons with an instructor can be expensive and it can be frustrating if you’re not seeing progress immediately. Furthermore, how to play guitar acoustic is also quite difficult.

    That’s where Learn to play guitar app, offering one of the easiest and quickest ways to learn to play the guitar in 60 days or less. Simple, effective, and affordable, this guitar learning device has shown great success among beginner guitar players of every age. Use this handy guide how to play guitar for beginners step by step to learn everything you need to know as a beginner guitarist. You’ll be playing your favorite song in no time at all!

    Learn how to play guitar, the easy way with great guitar tutorials. So you want to learn how to play guitar and learn guitar chords and scales?
    The only problem is, you haven't got a clue where to start.
    With Smart Guitar app, you will learn all these chords and scales step by step.
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    Practice makes perfect and by using these techniques on a regular basis, you should be able to rock 'n' roll in no time.

    Smart Guitar has Four main sections!

    HOME: You will get 50+ videos on free version which will be updated daily with latest electric, acoustic, classical or Spanish guitar tutorials.

    LEARNING: In learning section you get all those information which are basic need of learning guitar. There are 10 categories.
    Which Guitar you should buy?
    Holding the guitar
    Guitar tanning: How to tune your guitar?
    Guitar Scales: Learn all guitar scales!
    Guitar Chord: Learn all guitar chords!
    Beginners: Beginners section is for absolute beginner, In this you will learn all beginner basic of guitar.
    Intermediate: Intermediate guitar lessons.
    Advance: If you are Intermediate guitarist let try to play something amazing.
    Finger style: Learn finger style guitar with in this section through step by step.

    Songbook: A song book that will help build your song repertoire. Over 10 Categories to learn from some of the greatest bands in the world. More songs added on a regular basis.
    Acoustic Guitar: All acoustic guitars Songbook.
    Electric Guitar: All electric guitar Songbook.
    Spanish: 50+ videos on free version to learn Spanish songs on your guitar.
    Rock and roll songs
    English top songs tutorials.
    Bollywood: Great news for bollywood guitarist if you want to play hindi songs on your guitar.
    Kids songbook.

    Chords: An easy to follow, complete, chord diagram book with chord boxes so you will never be looking for that specific chord ever again.

    - The C Chord
    - The D Chord
    - The E Chord
    - The F Chord
    - The G Chord
    - The A Chord
    - The B Chord
    - The Em Chord
    - The Am Chord
    - The Dm Chord
    - The G7 Chord
    - The C7 Chord
    - The B7 Chord
    - The A7 Chord
    - The D7 Chord
    - The E7 Chord
    Music genres include:
    New songs are added regularly!

    So, what are you waiting for? Download and install this Smart Guitar for beginner apps then be the professional one.
    However, don’t forget to keep practicing with this how to play guitar for beginners step by step.

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