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    Track your IP Address and its full details with ease, simply by opening the app. In this app you can see what is my ip address location with map or tracer any other ip address.

    You can check your ip address status is listed in anti-spam blacklists and also you can detect if you are using a proxy server or not.

    * Different Tools

    1) IP Location - This tool find geolocation from IP address and lets you know the following details
    * IP Address
    * Local IP Address (If connected to wifi)
    * Location
    * Host Name
    * Internet Service Provider (ISP)
    * Organization Name
    * ASN - Autonomous System Number
    * City
    * State
    * Country
    * Country Capital
    * ZIP Code

    2) Website Ip Local - This tool Locate IP Location from website url. just enter any website url and lets you know the location of the server.

    3) Internet Speed Test - This tool checks your internet speed. you can check download speed and upload speed.

    4) WiFi Explorer - get List of all near by available WiFi and lets you know following details.
    * SSID
    * BSSID
    * Singal
    * Frequency
    * CenterFreq 0
    * CenterFreq 1
    * Distance
    * Capabilities

    5) Proxy Checker - Using this tool you can detect if you are using a proxy server or not.

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