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    Want to have a deeper sleep? Sleepset is the best sleep app, white noise app, sleep music app, insomnia app

    "Am I sleeping well?"
    "Do I have difficulty staying awake and sleeping during the day?"
    "I want to try ASMR app without vedeos."
    "I Have trouble sleeping, it's so hard"
    "I want to get over insomnia without sleeping pills"

    Sleeping app SleepSet is the special application that supports restful sleep with an alarm clock. Without buying other fitness devices, SleepSet will provide a lifetime sleep report for a fraction of the costs. Find out your sleep quality last night.

    How to sleep? If you are suffering from sleep disorder or insomnia, If you want to know you are sleeping well, And if you want to manage a more restful sleep, SleepSet is the one.

    Deep relaxing sleep music! SleepSet provides about 100 sleep songs for inducing deep sleep. SleepSet recommends optimal sleep music to help you sleep based on their analysis. Sleep music induce an ideal restful sleep and analyze patterns while you sleep. SleepSet has more than 100 high quality relaxing sounds, including comfortable & various natural White Noise, world renowned ASMR, and Binaural Beat(brain wave) which is effective in a variety of situations such as psychological stability, development of creativity, enhance concentration, and meditation.

    SleepSet recommends the sleep music based upon individual circumstances. The recommendations are effective for insomnia, stress, prenatal care, improve learning.

    Newest and the most affordable way to manage your restful sleep is the “SleepSet. Download from the play store NOW! SleepSet : Personalized Sleep Consultant

    ::: Key features of Sleeping app SleepSet :::

    - Sleep pattern analysis
    - Deep sleep music recommendations
    - Music sleep timer
    - Alarm clock

    ::: Technologies :::

    Sleepset measures the quality of sleep while sleeping. And provides a ‘sleep report’ and analysis. Sleepset recommends the most effective sleep music to you through its own algorithms.

    SleepSet uses an acceleration sensor built into the phone for sleep pattern analysis. SleepSet monitors your movement during sleep and tells you which sleep phase you are in.

    ::: Sound of science :::

    SleepSet’s sleep music (relaxing sounds for sleeping) are made up of White Noise, Binaural Beats (Brain waves), ASMR, Melodies.

    White Noise refers to a signal processing a constant frequency spectrum to sound like background music to our ears. Nature sounds such as rain drops, waterfall, wave, stream, wind and forest sound are typical White noise sounds. The white noise has a great effect to help relieve stress and sleep. Especially very effective to tinnitus patients. It has been proven for a long time.

    Binaural beats (Brain waves) are signals of two different frequencies presented separately, one to each ear, your brain detects the phase variation between the frequencies and tries to reconcile that difference. Alpha waves relieve tensions and induce a tranquil mind state. Delta waves are a high amplitude brain wave associated with the deep sleep stage.

    ASMR stands for ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response’. It stimulates the brain and induces psychological stability. ASMR is similar to a natural background sound, like White Noise, with headphones needed to listen. All the noise in your daily life can be used as the material in the ASMR.

    ::: SleepSet’s sleep music is helpful in many situations like :::

    - insomnia
    - sleep disorder
    - tropical night
    - when you are under stress
    - meditating
    - studying
    - to enhance concentration
    - prenatal care
    - lulling the baby to sleep

    * Infant : please use the speaker instead of earphones when listening
    * Paid applications are not refundable after purchasing.
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