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    Wondering to measure your speed…download the AR speedometer with map today. As it is the right speedometer app that can measure your speed while jogging. If you are a reckless driver who is wondering to control his speed? This AR app is the solution.

    We have come with a great and unbeatable distance mapping and speed controlling app. AR speedometer with a map will serve you as all in one package. As it will measure your speed while jogging, cycling, driving, for a bike ride and even for train and bus too.

    AR speedometer simply demands an installation and asks to access your location. After these two steps, you are all set to use this app whenever you want. This GPS app offers you a map so you can also get directions.
    Let's have a look at the options of GPS speedometer app.
    • The distance measurement
    It measures the distance you travel or you walked. The measurements can help you to evaluate your daily routine.

    • Over speed Alarm and Speed Camera Warning
    The GPS speedometer app will help you to measure the maximum speed limit you reach while driving. This thing will help you to keep an eye on your speed and prevent you from over-speeding.

    • Average speed
    This awesome app will let you know about the average speed at which you are traveling per hour.

    • Warning alarm
    This is the best feature of this GPS speedometer app. The time when you crosses the speed limit, the warning alarm alerts you. This will help you to control or slow down your speed.
    A variety of uses it can offer you. Let's have a look.
    • Bike ride
    Hey, bike lovers here is the perfect speed measuring app for you. With GPS speedometer with a map, you can not only enjoy your bike ride but can control your speed during the ride. The point is you will stay safe.

    • Train
    You may be wondering that how an app can be fit for both a bike ride and a train. Well, this GPS speedometer with a map is as fit for a train as it is for the bike.

    • Car
    If you are unable to control the car's speed on your own then allow this GPS app to do it for you. As faster speeds attract but can be harmful to your life. So download a caretaker today.

    • Running
    Running and jogging is part of your routine? You don't have a proper gadget to measure the time of distance you cover? Let this GPS speedometer app to measure everything for you. It will control your speed too.
    At a Glance;
    Facilitating both the android users and the tablet users.
    • Serves as a guard for over-speeding.
    • Easy to operate and understand.
    • Digital and analog display. Usage depends on your choice.
    • HD quality of the display.
    • The map comes as a plus point in this app.
    • It can measure in different measurements like KMPH, MPH, and KNOT.
    • Accurate measurements are guaranteed.
    • This GPS speedometer with a map is totally free of cost.
    So don't miss such great features. Download it today and take control of your speed.

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