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    Save money effortlessly

    Set your saving rules
    Save money

    Arbor’s mission is to help you save automatically, easily and using the security of your own bank.

    Set your saving rules: roundup your expenses, recurring transfers or with saving challenges.


    Save more than you think without even noticing!


    You decide how you want to save:

    Round up your expenses: roundup all the expenses you have to the next euro. You paid 2.70€ for a coffee? Arbor will round up to 3.00€, sending 0.30€ to your savings account. If it were 3.00€, Arbor would send 1.00€
    Recurring transfers: you decide how much and when to transfer, how about 1€ every Tuesday?
    Weekly challenges: Choose between 12, 24 or 52 weeks and you will save 1€ more each week: 1€ the first week, 2€ the second…
    Create a savings goal! You want to do something? buy something? or just travel? Set a goal and see how Arbor makes it a reality.

    You choose the rules, we take care of the rest!


    Your money goes from a bank account of your choosing to another one of your bank accounts, both being covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund, and you dont even need to change banks! (Don’t worry if you do not have a second bank account, you can open one from the app without cost)

    Use a PIN or your fingerprint to access Arbor, you money is always safe, even if you lose your phone or if it gets stolen, only you can access your profile.

    SSL PROTOCOL: our systems use a 256bit encryption system, the same level as your bank

    SAFE PAYMENTS: our payment provider is accredited by the Spanish Central Bank, and it has the support and credentials to operate in over 30 European countries

    DEPOSIT GUARANTEE FUND: by having you money in your chosen bank, it’s guaranteed to the legal maximum of 100.000€ per depositor

    Given that safety is the most important thing for us, all your data and personal information are protected permanently by the LOPD


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