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    Hunters Tool is the most comprehensive and state of the art app dedicated to hunting and management of hunting resources.

    Hunters Tool allows you to have access to all the information you need to know about your hunting terrain, local wildlife and customized group preparations to maximize the success and safety of your days in the field.
    Hunters Tool is designed to accommodate for all different styles of hunting and is the only app that includes geolocation for hunters and beaters to improve safety during driven hunts.

    The app can be used world wide and it works with no mobile network, it includes metric and imperial system, has a dynamic catalog of over 200 game species from 5 continents and is translated into different languages.

    Hunters Tool is available in a free version (freemium) and two paid versions: Advanced and Professional which are renewed annually.

    We recommend the Professional version for those hunters who expect an intense use of Hunters Tool, so that they can access all functions without restrictions.


    1. SATELLITE MAP to create a hunting area, geolocate tracking, sightings and more.
    2. CREATE YOUR HUNTING AREA: Easily draw or edit boundaries from your smartphone or computer.
    3. Provides many kinds of icons that will allow you to quickly identify blinds, stands, rubbing posts or just to navigate back to your truck. You will know at all times the distance to any given icon created by you or other hunters in your network. Load all the information you want (photographs, dates, notes, etc.).
    4. CREATE YOUR OWN NETWORK and use Hunters Tool individually or in groups. Icons and information generated can be kept private, published in the group you're part of or even be shared on Facebook.
    5. VIEW YOUR LOCATION and the location of other hunters, beaters, hound handlers, etc. in real time and increase your safety and the safety of those around you.
    6. RANGE: Set a range around your position to know at all times the distance to all major landmarks.
    7. TRACKING: Save and view all your tracking by using start and end time, distances, speed, etc.
    8. AUGMENTED REALITY: View on camera mode all the icons you or any user in your network has created.
    9. WEATHER FORECASTS: Know before you go. Based on the location of your hunting areas you will be provided with detailed five day forecasts including information on wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and much more.
    10. SOLUNAR (LUNAR CYCLE): access tables based on the location of your hunting area, with detailed moon phases and the position of the sun, allowing you to anticipate game movements yielding increasing success in your field trips.
    11. EVENTS CALENDAR: Define the date of the hunt, insert any details and prepare an invite list in a snap.
    12. HUNTERS RANKING: Rank hunters depending on the number of failed and successful shots. Who will be the best hunter of the day, week, month or year?
    13. HUNTING DIARY: Revive your hunting trips whenever you want thanks to an automatically generated diary.
    14. SHARED AGENDA: Share with contacts in your community tips and tactics from your experience that you think are relevant (owner of the hunting area, game keeper, environmental agents, etc.).
    15. STATISTICS AND HUNTING AREA HISTORIC STATISTICS: Historical sightings and shot locations will be saved and used to provide statistical information allowing you to compare your progress and your changes in your hunting area from year to year.
    16. Easy access to hotel reservations based on the location of your hunting area so you can plan your hunt entirely.
    17. WEB PAGE: You can also use Hunters Tool through its web page.

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    Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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