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    Master Fantasy RPG Soundboard - Sound Effects SFX

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    Master Fantasy RPG Soundboard is a fantastic companion app filled with hundreds of high quality sound effects that will help you on your quest. You can use this app as a companion while playing board games, roleplaying, reenacting, or just randomly throughout life. Using this app as a companion to your adventures easily enhances the atmosphere. No internet connection is needed to use this app so it doesn't matter if you have high speed internet or if you're in the woods without a signal. This app will work regardless of your connection or lack thereof.

    After the initial startup load all of the great RPG sounds are at your fingertips for instant playability without the need to load any sounds before playing. No lagging and no ads. This app can easily enhance the roleplaying atmosphere during board game time at day or night. While on the main menu you can pick the category you want and quickly pull up those sounds and go back to the other categories just as quick as well. The 8 sound categories in this app are Animals, Atmosphere, Combat, Instruments, Magic, Monsters, Objects, and People. Atmosphere audio can play in the background while you play other sound effects.

    This soundboard app also has a favorites feature. Simply hold down the sound effect button you like for 5 seconds to mark it as a favorite with a shield. You can remove that sound as a favorite by holding down on it again for 5 seconds. There are no limits with how many sound effects you can mark as a favorite.

    I'm a big fan of fantasy video games, TV shows, movies & RPG gaming in general so I made this for other people who enjoy the realm of fantasy video games, board games, cosplaying, medieval role playing, reenactments, role playing, movies, television, & etc. This awesome sound effects app is filled with the sounds of mages, knights, wizards, magicians, vikings, dungeons, medieval battles, instruments, nature, castles, forests, battles, wars, sieges, middle age actions, gameplay, dragons, other animals and various different sounds.

    Sound effects within this awesome app include...
    Animals: bear, bird, cat, cow, dogs, dragons, goat, horses, sheep, wolf and more
    Atmosphere: beach, cave, fireplace, forest, rain, snow and more
    Combat: arrows, bombs, shields, swords, spears, and more
    Instruments: bagpipes, cymbal, drums, fiddles, flutes, harps, horns, and more
    Magic spells: fire, healing, ice, teleports, winds, and more
    Monsters: grumbles, laughs, pains and sounds from within a cave
    Objects: chest opens, coins, doors, rummaging, traps, and more
    People: applause, belching, bones, booing, drinking, eating, marching, sayings and more

    Become the ultimate dungeon master with Master Fantasy RPG Soundboard

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