Bemuseums an application for all museums.

    Locate the museums closest to you and enjoy unique experiences at each visit.

    Bemuseums offers guided tours inside the facilities, unpublished contents during the visit, information about upcoming activities, exhibitions and interesting products offered by the museum stores themselves.

    The app shows the multimedia content automatically based on our location. It allows you to enjoy exclusive content just by approaching a work.

    Bemuseums works with bluetooth and geofencing technology. It offers the option of making the visit without internet or coverage.

    It is the perfect application for all museums.

    Available at: National Museum of Natural Sciences, Geominero Museum, Sala Alcalá 31, Lope de Vega Museum House, Canal Isabel II Room, Young Art Room, Cervantes Birthplace Museum, New Baztán Interpretation Center, Picasso Museum - Collection Eugenio Arias, Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Army Museum (Alcázar de Toledo), Paleontological Museum of Castilla - La Mancha (MUPA), National Museum of Roman Art, MónNatura Pirineus, Subex Art Gallery, Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia , Museo Oiasso, Círculo de Bellas Artes, etc.

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