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    Learn Japanese Free is a program of Japanese language lessons, learn the Japanese easily through audio lessons.
    This feature need a internet connection but you can learn Japanese communication easier.
    Free Japanese Lessons - Basic Japanese Vocabulary and Phrases - Learn to speak the Japanese language online - offline for free!
    Download free Japanese lessons learn Japanese right away, and start to learn Japanese language, practice lots of tests offline, anytime, anywhere!
    Are you looking to learn Japanese? You do not know where to start. You are looking for the best free Japanese learning application.
    The "Learning Japanese Basic" will help you to learn Japanese effectively and quickly.
    This "Basic Japanese" application will help you improve your ability to learn Japanese and pass the high-quality Japanese language exams at no cost.
    With a variety of functions and tests to help you learn fast and easy to remember, standard pronunciation, spell checker, vocabulary trainer with standard pronunciation teacher.
    Learn Japanese offline for free. Lessons like primordial, elementary, intermediate, Chinese, conversation, listening practice, reading practice, Japanese language ability
    The application provides you with a good way to learn Japanese that we have learned for a long time in Japanese, and find the best method.
    Learning Japanese with Kohi helps people easily access Japanese language, full of courses from N5-N1.

    Main fuction :

    - Learn basic Japanese sentences.
    - Preparation for oral tests
    - Synthesize all the words you use to learn quickly.
    - Learn the correct pronunciation and check that you pronounce correctly or wrongly.
    - You can study anywhere even the lock screen.
    - Regular application reminds you to learn a new word so that you can learn better.
    - Provides memory for the sentences you have read or to save words you need to remember.
    - Helps you get fast and effective text.
    - And many other functions we are developing to help you learn Japanese better.
    - Supports many languages ​​such as VIETNAM, CHINA, ENGLISH ... and we will update more.

    Download and share with us the simple and effective way to learn Japanese without network.

    Do not get used to feedback and app reviews to help us develop better apps.

    Thank you.

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