The new Campagnolo MyCampy App is the ideal tool for any cyclist.
    The MyCampy app for mobile devices has been developed with the primary objective of offering keen cyclists a brand new innovative solution.

    MyCampy assists in integrated management of your cycling kit and increases your ability to analyze your performance on the saddle.
    You can keep track of your entire garage of bikesand the components built on each one, receive advice on how to best use and maintain your groupsets and wheels.

    But it doesn’t stop here. With the MyCampy App, analysis of your performance reaches unprecedented heights. . Today you can integrate and overlap the data from your EPS* transmission with your training sessions. This will let you not only view your biometric and performance data, but also integrate them with your kit data, such as combinations used, gear inch ratio and much more.

    And that’s not all. MyCampy also lets you customize your Campagnolo EPS* electronic groupset.

    From today, you decide all the functions of your electronic transmission, from shifting to multi-shifting, from response times to shifter settings. All thanks to an easy interface directly from your smartphone.

    The Campagnolo MyCampy App allows you to interact in a 360° manner with your cycling “stable” and gain a more complete Campagnolo experience all from the comfort of your smartphone, pc or tablet.

    The MyCampy app is a very versatile tool that is capable of improving your cycling experience in many ways. Some of its principal functions include:

    Keep track of all your cycling equipment, know exactly how many kilometers each and every component, wheel, chain or cassette has done and when it might be time to perform general maintenance to keep things functioning like new.

    It's a sophisticated analytical tool that offers a unique look into your performance in addition to how it is affected by your use of components. Track each and every shift, know exactly where when and how you were riding a specific segment in addition to getting tips and suggestions to improve your efficiency on the bike all in conjunction with the newest wireless capabilities of the V3 EPS Interface.

    Offers the possibility of interacting in a 360° manner with your Campagnolo electronic drivetrain by connecting wirelessly with your EPS* groupset.
    Select and enable a default function style or create and save your own customized styles. Set your own shifter functions and select how the EPS* should work, based on your own personal preferences.
    You can create customized function styles or use the factory default ones, define activation and functioning modes for the Multishifting system, enable the different Shift Assist modes, set shift aggressiveness and much more. But this is not all. Thanks to a smartphone in wireless mode, your mechanic could instantly download and install new firmware, offer real-time diagnostics for each and every individual EPS component EPS*.

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