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    Chat-In is an app that allows you messaging with your friends and family. Chat-In which is compatible with Android smartphones uses your phone Internet connection (4G,3G,2G or Wi-Fi) for your communication. Keep in touch with your loved ones! And even it is easy to use, fast, secure and free!

    WHY Chat-In?

    FREE: No subscription fee, no adds and always free. You can send messages for free whenever you like and wherever you are. Chat your friends who are all over the world without any international SMS fee.(*)

    SECURE: Our mission is to send your messages concealing from third parties. Chat-In encrypts messages with End- to- End -Encryption and do not share them.

    FAST: We know that your messages are important and that is why we are transferring them instantly.

    NO SUBSCRIPTION: No need to subscribe or log on. Chat-In easily access to your contacts without any need for you to remember username and it gets you to keep in touch with your friends.

    OFFLINE MESSAGES: Don't panic! when your phone is turned off or when you don't have Internet connection. Chat-In keeps your last messages until you reopen the app. Chatininc, Chat in inc


    You can know the time of seen messages
    You can upload any photo that you like to your profile

    Try it and discover more!

    (*) Data charges may apply.

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