CheKin - Mobile management for your Holiday Rental




    If you are the owner of a holiday property or if you manage several of them at the same time, and you have employees or staff who are part of it as well, then CheKin will help you to:

    √ Mobile check-in in 2 minutes.

    √ Scan IDs and passports.

    √ Register travellers automatically with the police, the Civil Guard, the Mossos d'Esquadra and the Ertzaintza.

    √ Store the signed charts securely on the cloud.

    √ Unlimited check-ins

    √ Guests can register on their own via check-in online.

    Collecting the data of your guests upon check-in and sending them to the State police and security forces is mandatory throughout the country. Moreover, contracts must be stored for a year and some – for three years.

    After the coming into force of the GDPR, you will no longer be able to make a copy of the identity document or passport of your guests. That is why CheKin is the perfect solution, because it only singles out the essential details. We abide by the law of data protection so that the information of your clients or guests is always safe.

    Thanks to CheKin, a transaction that normally takes up to 45 minutes is cleared out in only three minutes from your mobile device, wherever you are.

    Your guests will be thrilled that you will have more time to dedicate to them, both you and your staff will always follow the law, and you will have all the information stored and accessible on the cloud.

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