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    Local real-time information and timely weather forecasts.

    Geolocation giving current conditions and your forecast.
    Forecast 36 hours and 5 days.
    Temperature and rainfall forecast charts.
    Storms and lightning detection in real time.
    The most accurate and simple to understand color based weather forecasts.
    Look for the current conditions and forecast for more than 6000 cities around the world.
    Map with satellite image of your region or search
    Map with the latest global earthquakes.
    List of relevant earthquakes occurring on the planet.
    Alerts and news on important events, related to weather and agriculture.
    satellite images

    ClimaDiario is the new App from It aims to inform users about the weather. Our systems and services are backed by professionals in the fields of Meteorology, Climatology and Information Systems.

    Because the weather affects all human activities, ClimaYa offers a range of professional and specific products that meet the particular requirements of different companies and organizations.

    Check out the best forecasts and climate news of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Jamaica, Cuba, Republic Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the rest of the world.

    To make better decisions in these times when the farmers are facing a high risk scenario and challenges to produce healthy high quality food.

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