Neon Weed Keyboard Theme




    This Stylish keyboard theme offers a wealth of news content, social features and personalization to fit your interests.

    Key features:
    Brings you the latest global hot news.
    The app can push new topics based on the news items you have viewed recently and what’s in the news now. We now offer wealth of choice of news from the newsroom, including: politics, business, entertainment and health.
    With this Stylish keyboard theme you can easily read news in one place and share them more efficiently. This Stylish keyboard theme offers useful interfaces with Facebook, Twitter and Gmail so that you can easily share news with your family and friends.
    Offers multiple free colorful keyboard themes.
    Golden, blue, skull, purple and more. A variety of free keyboard themes are recommended for your choice. You can view details of each keyboard theme by swiping the image of keyboard on the screen. We will change the recommended content regularly to meet your needs.
    Popular Emojis and Stickers for Free. 
Most popular Emojis and Stickers are supported. The auto emoji prediction feature offers precise prediction of Emojis. Just type a word and our cool keyboard will suggest emojis for you.
    Smart reply and efficient typing experience.
    This keyboard suggests replies according to the messages you received. Staying close to AI helps you type less and say more. Contextual Prediction, most powerful error correction, auto-correct mistyping, spelling errors and capitalization automatically. With this keyboard, you can increase the speed of typing with these features.

    We believe in speed and simplicity. We spent a lot of time to make sure this Stylish keyboard theme is the best free reader available on the Android phones. The app loads fast and offers a simple and clean reading experience.

    Your privacy data will not be abused.(Such as a username or email address.)
    Our mission is to provide all the personalized content you need.

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