Group weight tracker. Grukoza




    This body tracker application will help you with tracking weight, fat precentage, water precentage, muscle mass, metabolic age, BMI etc of your group of clients. Grukoza is cloud synchronized, and because of that your data is in safety, you always can access your data from another device. Grukoza can work offline and it's not a problem if your gym or office is situated in a basement. Most suitable for Herbalife, NL(Energy diet) partners and for fitness instructors

    1. Can track multiple clients
    2. Keeps basic client info for body composition monitor(like TANITA, OMRON, etc.)
    3. Keeps body composition scan results and body measurements in easy to access and compare structured records
    4. Keeps data on device and in a cloud, you can work with multiple devices.
    5. In case of a device loss you can buy another one and keep working, unlike paper:)

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