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    Currently working on a Fix for Android 6.0 Devices. google removed the needed adb-binaries from Android 6 Devices. For the meantime -> please use Android < 6.0 Devices. Thank you
    Wanna even more? Join open beta-test (test new features, faster updates, quicker bug fixing)?
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    Show your developer some love... Or money for coffee and to keep this project alive, so i can (and want to) donate more of my sparely free time besides my job at work to:
    -more features
    -more bug-hunting and fixing
    -better testing
    -performance andbmore responsive-ness
    -cleaner code
    -maybe better design and some customizing options (bright vs dark, clean vs informative UI)

    Still reading?
    Ok, again, whats this all about? It's the donate Version of Fire Installer.

    It shows your Support.
    And this Version is Adfree and will stay free of any Ad's, spyware or other stuff.

    Next Updates this Version will be:
    more options like free version
    push system apps (can't guarantee they work on fire tv without needed libs like touchwhiz or google play library)

    Development open-source hosted @ github.

    And for all whonstill read. Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your time. Thank for letting my apps be a part of your life and i hope the help you to have a nice time enjoying them.

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