Mirror Magic




    Mirror Magic will turn your smartphone into mirror on your device.

    If you are traveling and need to comb hair, or make up face or something else, and You must want a mirror, just open this app and get mirror on mobile Phone. It gives the magnifying mirror effects plus it also work as selfie mirror. vanity mirror or mobile mirror is best one.

    Use it anytime and anywhere. like on meeting, on vehicle, or brake in your office. or traveling an where this app will help you any time. Free mobile mirror on our mobile devices.

    Get ready for any event instantly or immediately at any place.

    Mirror Magic application gives totally different effect of Mirror.

    * Easy to use
    * Best mobile Mirror
    * Beautiful Graphics
    * Simple and attractive
    * Totally Free app

    This Real Mirror mobile app is convenient to use anywhere you need to see yourself.

    Whether it’s make-up application, styling your hair or taking the best picture for the perfect Instagram selfie photo, we’ve got you covered. Never carry around a compact mirror again! Use instead this mirror magic app.

    NOTE: Front camera is required for mirror functionality.

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