A+ Status Saver (Free)




    What is A+ Status Saver?
    A+ Status Saver is :
    > IG, TW, FB Video Downloader
    > IG Story Saver
    > IG Tv Video Downloader
    > Status Saver for WA
    > Click to Chat
    combined together in ONE app.

    Main Features :
    Download TW Videos
    Download FB Videos
    Download IG Videos
    Click to Chat for WA
    Save Multiple Photos and Videos
    Save Statuses for 5 Different Environments:
    1) Normal Statuses
    2) G.B Statuses
    3) Business Statuses
    4) Normal Statuses from Parallel Space
    5) Normal Statuses from Parallel Space Lite

    How to Download Statuses
    1- Check the desired Status/Story
    2- Open “A+ Status Saver" and goto "Statuses" Tab.
    3- Click on any Image/Video to Share, Delete, Save. Or Click it, to Preview.

    How to find Downloaded Statuses
    The Best Option is to use “Downloads” Menu of A+ Status Saver
    Alternatively, you can use File Explorer or your Gallery App

    How to Download IGTv, IG, TW & FB Videos
    1- TURN ON A+ Downloader then, Open IG (or TW or FB)
    2- Click Copy Link on any Picture/Video. Download will automatically begin
    3- Once you are done downloading Instagram videos,TURN OFF A+ Downloader

    How to use Click to Chat
    1- Click Click to Chat, on the navigation menu and a Dialog will pop up
    2- Input a valid WA number into the Phone Number field. For example : +441234567890
    3- Type in your message in the Message field.
    4- Click Send on the bottom of the dialog. WhatsApp will automatically start a conversation between you and the number you entered.

    How to Generate a Click to Chat Link
    1- Click Open in WhatsApp, on the navigation menu and a Dialog will pop up
    3- Input a valid WhatsApp number into the Phone Number field. For example : +441234567890
    4- Type in your message in the Message field.
    5- Click on Generate Link
    Click "Copy" to copy the generated link.

    Why should you use A+ Status Saver?
    Downloaded statuses can be viewed anytime, using your favorite video player and without internet bandwidth
    You make the environment greener by saving internet bandwidth and electricity

    Install A+ Status Saver Now! & Start Saving Statuses!

    Disclaimer :
    1️⃣Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of the content and/or violation of Intellectual Property Rights is the sole responsibility of the user.
    3️⃣We respect and value user privacy. All apps released by Edge Dev Studio comply with Google Policy on Data Privacy.

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