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    So what was the width of the recess for the new chest of drawers again? How many square meters of wallpaper and laminate flooring do we need? We've all been there. You're in the DIY store, but the drawing you prepared so carefully with all the dimensions for your latest DIY or interior design project is back at home where you accidentally left it. With the Einhell Measure Assistant App you can now simply upload all the measured values straight to your cellphone – thus ensuring that you can access all the details for your projects when you are out and about, including all the important measurements. This makes the Measure Assistant the ideal addition to the TE-LD 60 Laser Distance Meter.
    Its many different and versatile functions help deliver perfect results:
    - Measurements can be transmitted via Bluetooth from the TE-LD 60, or you can measure directly from your cellphone.
    - Diagrams can be prepared, or you can transfer the measurements to photos you have taken.
    - Add or subtract distances, surfaces, angles or volumes, or use the built-in Pythagoras formula for indirect calculations.
    - Insert comments, use different colors to highlight individual measuring ranges, or assign measurements to them.
    - Use the project list function to keep a clear overview if you are working on several different projects at the same time, and then share the project details with friends and family via e-mail.
    Further information about the app and the laser distance meter can be found at

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