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    DayStress Relief — app that knows the secret of longevity. And do YOU?

    A good sleep, deep diaphragm breathing and relaxing sounds. No hustle and bustle, no stress. Mmm… Paradise. All that with DayStress Relief!

    Our app is more than your daily anti-stress tool. It also helps to increase your life expectancy. No jokes! Check it out. Calculate your life expectancy when you use the app for the first time and see how it increases with each session.

    DayStress Relief is the best relaxation app to manage your stress, reduce anxiety and recharge your batteries.

    With DayStress Relief you can:

     • Enjoy relaxing sounds. Achieve mindfulness through the best melodies meticulously chosen for relaxation. Especially helpful to deal with insomnia.
     • Take sessions. Increase your lifespan with each relaxation session. Breathe deeply and relax daily.
     • Boost longevity. See total time spent for relaxation and track the time you’ve added to your longevity. Stay motivated!
     • Build streaks. Take sessions daily and set your own records. Go for longer streaks and build your way to mindfulness.
     • Relax & antistress. Set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle without stress, anxiety or troubles. Be healthy physically and mentally!

    Dive into the harmony of peaceful sounds and relax. That’s all you need to feel rejuvenated inside out — just launch and use!

    Install NOW!

    Studies show that stress negatively affects both our productivity and lifespan. Want to achieve mindfulness, manage your daily stress, relax quickly, breathe and sleep well?

    Dive deep into the magic experience of beautiful relaxing sounds with DayStress Relief!

    The antistress app provides sessions with relaxation melodies and calculates how many hours you have added to your life. Just a few minutes of relaxing sounds will help you to wash away your worries and combat stress. Start today!

    Why use DayStress Relief:

    Daily relaxation is proven to positively influence life expectancy, while people who experience daily stress worsen their mental and physical health, and thus reduce it. Track how each session leads you to a healthy lifestyle!

    Daily hassles and worries often are the #1 reason for insomnia and sleep disorders. A few minutes of relaxing sounds before going to bed help to calm down, sleep better and wake up in a good mood.

    Use DayStress Relief as a companion for your yoga practices, to exercise or breathe deeply. The relaxations melodies will create the perfect atmosphere of tranquillity and make your sessions more effective.

    Take your antistress app wherever you go and use it whenever you need a moment for yourself. Close your eyes, start the relaxation session and escape to another world free from stress.

    Start a session with relaxing sounds and breathe deeply. Within a few minutes, you’ll feel all troubles go away. Take as many relax-breathe sessions as you need until you actually feel better. Try — it works!

    Find your way to mindfulness. Set yourself free from stress and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

    Get your best relaxation app now! FREE download.

    The potential life expectancy feature is a hypothetical calculation that is purely an estimate and not intended to measure accurately life expectancy.

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