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    Everyone is worried; how to loose weight; how to get rid of that belly fat, and tighten the body. Worry no more we come with a workout plan that will change your life and make you more confident and self-loving. In this workout app free all the exercises are home workouts. You don’t need to hit the gym. No equipment needed, workout anytime and anywhere. If you have a small window to exercise; no problem, do the 30 day full body workout challenge. You are a busy person and have a cramped-up schedule, we’ve got you covered, in this application we have workout plan for full body. Just set aside few minutes open the body fitness application on your mobile, start your routine and you are done. Easy and convenient. There is no need for gym equipment or actually going to the gym just use your bodyweight. full body workout routines will greatly help you keep fitness and lose weight effectively. Bodyweight is enough to get good results and shape up your body. Your moto should be “Eat right, Sleep well and Exercise”.

    To build strong arms, chest, legs, abs, flat stomach and to gain lean muscles you need to follow the free workout plan given in the application. Follow the daily workout to see results and get in shape. The routines increase in intensity gradually. There are 3 levels for any type of bodyweight routine; beginner, intermediate and expert. Increases exercise intensity step by step. Each 30 day challenge differs in exercise and workout repetitions. The total body workout starts like easy workouts with less exercises and fewer repetitions then the intensity increases. You can do chest training with full body home workouts. Full body aims for flat stomach, chest training, strong legs and strong arms.

    To transform yourself and shred the weight and if you are a first timer, start from beginner and move your way up. Get your body accustomed to the rigorous body weight home workout routines. However, if you know your body and you think you take up the fat burn challenge then start with expert mode. Different modes of workout routines and challenges is to accommodate every fitness seeking person. You can be a first timer or you can be a regular, whoever you are select the full body fitness challenge and stick with it. Set your body goals and keep on grinding.

    - Different workout modes
    - Exercises for Beginner, Intermediate and Expert
    - Track of your weight
    - BMI calculator
    - View your progress through stats
    - Information on different diets
    - Challenge mode
    - List of different workouts
    - Information on how to perform an exercise
    - Female Flat Stomach Workout

    You can perform extreme challenges. With our app’s new Challenge module, you can challenge yourself to the extreme. Set a timer, select an exercise, like pushups, squats, planks, abdominal crunches etc. you can perform 30 day Pushup Challenge or 30 day Abs Challenge to build your single muscle. After every challenge you can share the progress on social media, you can also challenge other to compete. This makes for a healthy competition.

    There are several challenges you can do in this Christmas period. Prepare your body for the holidays. It’s a perfect chance to tone your body for the Christmas holidays

    Share your progress with the world as the app records training progress automatically and is easy to follow. Workout for women and stay at home moms never got easy

    You can also view information on most popular diets. This information for the fitness seekers to live healthy as well. Diet is not only about loosing weight it is also a life-style choice to live healthy and long. You should be very careful as to what you put in your body.

    Calculate BMI by feeding your weight. The total body workout app keeps track of your weight and tells you the body mass index, if you are obese, slim, under-weight or over-weight. View stats and get a better understanding of yourself. The application also has calorie calculator. Calculate calories you burned after every exercise.

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