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    Use this app with your 3DR Solo to get extra features.

    * The Smart Shots you know, plus a bunch of other ones:

    - Orbit
    - Selfie
    - Cable Cam
    - Zipline
    - Follow/Me (normal, uses device GPS)
    - Follow/Remote (follows one or more remote devices running Solex Target)
    - Follow/Record (follows a pre-recorded track)
    - Follow/Optical (Follows an object using machine vision. Yes, really!)
    - HDR (EV-bracketed photos)
    - Pano

    * Auto-fly to the start of cable cams and recorded flights
    * Move cable cams between locations
    * Geofences: Keep your Solo within a confined area to fly safely.
    * Time-lapse: Capture photos automatically at intervals, stitch into time-lapse video
    * Flight Profiles: Customize vehicle settings for "creep mode", sport flying, etc.
    * Find your copter if it goes down in an unknown location
    * Home Pointer: Points the way home to make navigation back to launch easy
    * Fighter-jet style HUD view
    * Return To Me: Have Solo track your location as you move around, and fly to you on RTL.
    * Distance Fence: Avoid flyaways with Max Distance.
    * Widgets:
    - Pitch/Roll
    - Vibration
    - EKF
    * Change LED colors on the Solo
    * Save location/heading/altitude and fly back to it automatically later
    * Track battery and motor age and health for multiple vehicles
    * Execute remote commands on your Solo
    * Sharing: Share Cable Cams, Geofences, recorded flight tracks, etc with others.
    * Set your own custom movies on the startup screen
    * Missions:
    - Spline Points
    - Surveys
    - ROIs
    - Associate actions with waypoints for totally repeatable shots

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