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    Sympl Productivity is a timer to help you become more productive. The methodology is simple: when faced with any large task or series of tasks, break the work down into short, timed intervals that are spaced out by short breaks. This not only allows you to work more effectively and get more done, but also provides less distractions once you start working on your tasks.

    Sympl Productivity is customizable and lets you choose the length of your work sessions, as well as the length of the short and long breaks between them. You can even go one step further and disable sounds, vibration and your Wi-Fi to prevent any temptations of disrupting your focus.

    The app also provides a statistics screen where you can see your progress throughout the week or the month, as well as more information for each day individually.

    The PRO version is an ad-free version which has additional functionality that the normal version lacks.

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