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    I’m Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada and I'm an artivist. I make art with the communities. During the 90s in NYC I was one of the founders of the Culture Jamming, an anti-consumerist social movement. I’m drawn to the beauty of old surfaces and I blend photo realistic images of anonymous locals to question the controls imposed in public space, and the use and abuse of iconic faces to sell us products and ideas. These portraits transformed local, anonymous residents into social icons, giving relevance to an individual’s contribution to the community and touching upon the legacy that each life has to offer. Taking advantage of the publicity codes, I use to work with at a very large scale, increasing visibility, while creating eye catching images. Working in very large scale becomes a personal challenge but it also allows me to bring attention to important social issues.
    This community is a tool for people to be part of my art in different ways. Here you can post your photos and earn Jets. With this Jets you can get posters of my work, or make a donation to support my future projects.

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