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    SMS Backup & Print -Convert,Export,Share PDF,CSV

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    Convert, export, share, print and backup your SMS/MMS text messages as PDF, CSV, JPG, HTML or simply text.


    A new way to share your text and multimedia messages with the world!

    With "SMS Backup & Print" you can create beckups of youe SMS, MMS and RCS logs and then send it using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Whatsapp, and every other sharing method your phone provides.

    You can convert your SMS text messages to PDF, CSV, HTML and JPG Files!

    So, What can you do with "SMS Backup & Print":
    Backup your messages - just send your messages to your email or leave the files on your device.
    Print your SMS and MMS! - Send the backup to your email and print or download an app that directly prints from the phone (most printer providers have them)
    Share your text and multimedia messages.

    Learn more about printing messages: Tutorial

    Special Features:
    Shows photos and video previews
    Supports RCS and "Advanced Messaging".
    Supports Emojis.
    Previews PDF and TXT files
    Supports contacts sharing - vCard, xCard, jCard and hCard
    Supports calendar events sharing - vCal (Events, Todos, Journal)

    Pro Version
    "SMS Backup & Print", even though it performs a simple task, is a major project to develop and maintain. Because there are so many devices and so many different apps for texting, it requires constant attention, development, and improvements. in order to keep it moving, there is a symbolic fee for unlocking all the features.
    The free version allows to share 4 messages each time and includes ads. It is a bit more complex but it actually allows the full functionality, especially for shorter conversions. If you upgrade to pro, you can send all the messages in one go.

    Converting And Exporting SMS - Formats:
    "SMS Backup & Print" will convert your SMS text messages to PDF, CSV, HTML or JPG formats, export the conversations to files and save them to your device storage.
    It will use these files as attachments and share them via different sharing apps.

    PDF File:
    Best option for printing sms text messages.
    Can be opened by Adobe Reader.
    "SMS Backup & Print" will create beautifully designed PDF files with graphics and text.
    It supports SMS text messages, as well as MMS multimedia messages (photos and links)

    CSV File:
    Best for data manipulations.
    Opens with Excel or Google Sheets.
    Converts your SMS conversations to well-organized data sheets.

    JPG Files:
    Best for sharing your SMS/MMS conversations with friends.
    It supports SMS text messages, as well as MMS multimedia messages

    HTML File:
    A compact file - can be open via the web browser. Good for backup or for printing in case the PDF option does not work properly.

    Fully customizable:
    Allows you to tweak, color and customize the conversations so you get the exact results you were looking for.

    File management system :
    The shared conversations are managed with File Management System, SMS Share also gives access to Open, Rename, Delete and Re-Share the conversation files. These files are stored in the app's directory.

    The "SMS Backup & Print" app has a slick UI, integrated with animations, which makes the app easy and simple to use.

    Hope you enjoy and find the app useful :)

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