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    Mi Sereno : Parental Control is one of the most complete parental control tools to help your child navigate the world of new technologies with your help. Parents are responsible for the proper use of new technologies and Mi Sereno Control Parental will help you know what your child does.

    What you can do with Mi Sereno Parental Control for Android:

    Decide which apps you can use and block others.
    Check the webs visited and block the ones you don't consider appropriate.
    Create a calendar to limit Internet access (S,M,T,W,T,F,S).
    Blocks the WI-FI connection.
    Blocking and notification of XXX pages.
    Prevents you from sharing the Internet with other devices.
    Check the entry of WhatsUp or Messenger messages, as well as Instagram..
    Listen to WhatsApp voice messages.
    Mi Sereno has its own CHAT that forces the child to answer.
    Review the images received from social networks or made with the camera (Possibility of remote deletion ).
    Review the videos received from social networks or made with the camera (Possibility of remote erasure ).
    Geopositions your child on the map at any time (GPS).
    Use statistics of app by day, week, month and year .
    Establishes a night block .
    Identifies all apps installed .
    Check the calls made and received and block the contacts for as long as you want.
    Check the mails received and the SMS.
    Check the list with your child's telephone agenda.
    Know their battery level and their internet connection .

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    We want to avoid cases of bullying, sexting, grooming and other behaviors that may use the mobile as an element of capture. We also want to avoid a misuse of the device that leads to attention deficit behaviors, anxiety, online gambling addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, developmental disorders. With Mi Sereno Control Parental we help you to identify these problems that allow you to help your child.

    This app uses Accessibility services. This application uses accessibility services. Mi Sereno uses accessibility to create the best possible experience on the device, helping users with disorders (including online game addiction problems, learning disorders, developmental disorders, anxiety, depression, attention deficit, obsessive compulsive disorder), to establish appropriate levels of access and vigilance for them in the use of the Internet, setting limits and helping to improve their lives...This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

    .This app uses the Device Administrator permission. This application uses the permission of Device Administrators . This protection will prevent any user from uninstalling Mi Sereno without your permission.

    Do not install the App without reading and accepting our privacy policy and permissions list.

    Disclaimer: Please take note of this application isn't embraced by or subsidiary with Whatsapp and Facebook. Names, trademarks, and different parts of the application are trademarked and claimed by their individual proprietors.

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