Truth or Dare Spin the Bottle





    Great spin the bottle app for a friend's house party or an intimate night with your lover... Stop waiting amd try it out to ask for dirty truths and dares!

    Play it with a bunch of friends or as a couple

    Your pre-parties will get memorable ! Get ready for our funny questions that will make you reveal your hottest secrets and try our craziest dares. Get ready to discover each other from a new angle with this brand new game.

    For even more fun, we declined the game in different modes:

    CLASSIC : Bring a bunch of friends and let's start softly and gently your party !

    CRAZY : Crazy challenges are waiting for you !

    DIRTY : Not naughty enough ? Make your party go crazy !

    COUPLE : Want to spice up your relationship? There are special questions for you here ! We kept the fun part of the game and turn the rest into hot dares for adults only

    HARDCORE : Get ready for challenging your limits. Reckless people only !

    Download now this new Truth or Dare app !


    * There are some in app purchase in this awesome game
    * For your safety and your friends’ safety, don’t drink too much buddies
    * Above all, don't drink and drive !
    * You are not compelled to accept every truths and dares in this app

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