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    English to Urdu Dictionaryand Urdu to English Dictionary are designed with advanced English Urdu Dictionary features like words meanings pronunciation, spell checker, offline and online both. English Urdu Dictionary is actually designed for the Urdu and English speakers, who have been facilitated with both modes of English Urdu translation. User can select English Urdu Dictionary or Urdu English Dictionary mode by tapping button. Vocabulary, Search for specific word in English or Urdu, word of the day, English and Urdu Dictionary are not only an offline Dictionary but also a learning tool. User can use this English and Urdu dictionary app when you have no internet connection. There is auto suggestion so you need not type full words. You also can use Speech to text feature. You can add words to the study plan and remove words from the study plan. When you start typing, you will see some words starting with the letters you typed. The English and Urdu dictionary app searches in a database for the matching words. User can search any word and then click on it to read its meanings in Urdu language. Meanings are displayed in real Urdu language not Romanized.

    Translate English to Urdu – In addition to giving meanings from Urdu to English, the app also gives the default and common functionality of English to Urdu words meanings and translation. Therefore, those who want to find the meanings in conventional way can find Urdu meanings of English words in this dictionary.

    It’s the best free English Urdu dictionary for travelers, business mans players, students, children, teachers, learners, boys and girls.

    Improve English, Learn Tenses, English to English, Urdu to Urdu, Urdu font, Best dictionary, IELTS, TOEFL by using this app English to Urdu dictionary.

    Features of English Urdu Dictionary:

    • English to Urdu meaning
    • Urdu to English meaning
    • English to English offline Dictionary
    • Urdu to Urdu Offline Dictionary
    • Translator App – You can translate whole paragraph in any language that you want using this Translate app
    • Fully free Offline Dictionary and Online Dictionary
    • Added a lot of Oxford Words Meaning
    • Huge Offline Abbreviations Dictionary
    • Auto Suggestion Word for both English Urdu Dictionary

    With huge variety of data, this English Urdu Dictionary will translate, meet your everyday needs and help you a lot in day to day activity. Anyone learning Urdu or any Urdu speaker who is weak in English can benefit from it by getting references for English to Urdu meanings.


    English Urdu Dictionary app is a free app and have some minor ads, so you will not need to worry about that.
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