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    Gini breaks down your complex health-nutrition-gene relationships, functions as a guide for your micro or macronutrient needs, and helps you identify the best food sources optimal for your specific genetic profile. Connect your data from other DNA testing services and get access to your FREE reports! Explore your genetic self today!

    Depending upon the type of food, it can have a beneficial, neutral or a detrimental effect on your body based on your unique genetic makeup. Every person is genetically and biochemically different from everyone else and our nutritional absorption varies. This means that nutrition and diet should be personalized on an individual basis.

    Our service adheres to a strict no-data sharing policy. The DNA data is de-identified and encrypted. Invite your loved ones or friends to live longer and healthier by personalizing their nutrition.

    Gini Stories - Discover how your health traits are connected to genes and nutrition.

    Our gene stories offer a very fresh and innovative approach to looking at genes, nutrition and health together in one place. The information categories are divided into health risks, wellness, exercise, sleep, allergies and intolerances, and traits. Digging into each sub-chapter allows users to see the level of risk, read further about associated genes and how everything ties back to nutrigenetic factors.

    Gini Health - Provides you a snapshot of nutritional needs based on your health risks.

    We break it down into your macros (covers the gene adjusted split of carbs, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (covers most vitamins and minerals). You can view your gene adjusted values and what is recommended as daily intake for the average user for comparison purposes. We also make it actionable for you. If you are at an elevated risk of a specific nutrient, you can find the food sources that you can target to prevent deficiencies.

    Gini Lens - We introduce you to the world's first personalized nutrition label.

    A revolutionary feature, you can search for any food on Gini lens and we'll overlay your genetic information on top. Find out if a food is good or bad for you based on your nutrigenetic risks easily. We also have free smart lists for best foods and foods to avoid that changes every week that helps you discover nutritionally rich foods and foods to stay away from.

    In App Purchases:
    We also offer premium reports at great value for exercise, sleep, allergies, intolerances and other health conditions.

    If you have already done your genetic testing with other DNA testing companies, you'll be able to upload your DNA data to Gini to generate personalized health + nutrition reports.

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