Custom Sound Board




    Add drum loops and random sounds to your life with this custom sound board!

    This is a Soundboard which has default drum sounds and can be customised
    This soundboard has a default drum board and a generic noises soundboard as defaults
    You can also create new soundboards and assign sounds to each button
    Sounds can be set to auto loop if required

    The 1st default soundboard is mainly drum hits and drum loops, the 2nd default soundboard is a mix of generic soundboard sounds including movie sound bites

    Additional soundboards can be added, with each button being assigned its own sound!

    default soundboard 1 - Default drum loops
    kick, snare1, snare2, crash1
    ride, hihat, rust loop, dmatic loop
    base_wobble1, bass_wobble2, reece1, bass hit
    rolling loop, compile loop, company loop, siberia loop
    polarity1 loop, polarity2 loop, division loop, hash loop

    default soundboard 2 - Default noises
    hal, 911, tada, dun dun duuu
    sad trombone, suspense, large pin drop, treason
    insanity, champagne, failure, air horn
    fart, silenced machine gun, explosion, burp
    huh hmm, yawn, smooch, laugh

    The first screen shows the current soundboard, the 20 buttons can be pressed to play the sounds assigned to them

    By pressing the edit floating action button in the top right, to will be shown the soundboards list. You can edit a soundboard, delete a soundboard and create a soundboard from this screen.

    To select a new soundboard, press its name in the displayed list

    By clicking the edit floating action button from this screen you can edit the sounds assigned to the current selected soundboard

    By clicking the delete floating action button from this screen you can delete the current selected soundboard

    By clicking the add floating action button from this screen you can add a new soundboard and assign sounds to it (and set some, none or all to auto loop)

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