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    iFocusMode – Stay Focused is an android app that helps you block distracting apps on your phone. You can restrict browser, video, games, music, chat or social media apps you want and get rid of your phone addiction using this best app blocker and increase your productivity many times!

    Too much phone usage has ruined our lives. Don’t let your phone hamper your productivity any more. iFocusMode app limiter will help your reduce your distractions or procrastination and improve concentration. It will help you have some self control on your mind and stay focused on work or studies.

    How iFocusMode – Anti Social app works?

    - Select your addictive apps
    - Select duration of your break
    - Select your challenge worth amount

    That’s it.

    On successful completion of your challenge, you will get full refund in your iFM Wallet.

    You get 2 full free trials and thereafter you can use it for 20 minutes session only, any number of times. To use it for more than 20 minutes and up to 48 hours you need to buy a very small package of this app blocker.

    Now you might ask a question, why to pay when there are other apps which available for free.

    Problem is you are so much addicted to your phone that free solution will just not work for you anymore. By paying a very small amount, you are bound to make it work in any case. It’s human mentality. We don’t take anything for granted which has been paid for. If this was completely free, you will never care to complete the no app/phone usage challenge.

    Some users, who are highly addicted to their smartphones, games and social media or photo apps, have to increase their challenge amount to higher value, else they never bothered completing their no app/phone use challenge. Hence we even have a high cost package of $30(USD) for a single session. We were asked to create this by highly addictive gamers themselves as they were desperate to break their gaming addiction.

    Who should use this iFocusMode – Self Control App?

    - Working professionals looking for phone life balance.
    - Students addicted to watching videos.
    - Teenagers addicted to games.
    - Girls or boys addicted to photo apps.
    - Housewives binging on TV shows.

    Some of the benefits of using iFocusMode – Stay Focussed App:-

    • Stop being distracted by your phone. Focus working on your goals.
    • Focus working or studying. Restrict yourself and exercise some self control.
    • Reduce app usage time using this best app blocker app.
    • Time block for specific apps. Great parental control app.
    • Helps you block distracting apps. Become Anti Social from now on.
    • From phone addict to phone life balance. Limit use of your device.
    • Set time limits for kids or yourself. Surely kids won’t like this app blocker.

    But why limit technology, you may ask?

    First step is to accept that you do have a phone usage problem. You just can’t keep your phone down. Your attention span is less than 8 minutes. You can hardly focus on your work or studies. It has started to affect your mental health which in turn is ruining your life. More distracting times are ahead if you don’t take some corrective actions to stop this addictive habit. You are going down a rabbit hole otherwise.

    Research has shown us that social media may well be making many of us unhappy, jealous and even anti social.

    We don’t advise to quit social media altogether but use it wisely, so that you don’t go insane.

    Download the app iFocusMode – Get off Phone for Self Restriction today to enhance your productivity and improve concentration.


    If you face any issue with our app or have suggestions on what we can do better, then please email us at We will glad to read your emails.

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