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    Download imaginBank free, the banking app exclusively for mobiles.

    imaginBank is your new mobile bank, enabling you to carry out basic operations with accounts, cards and bills, make payments with your mobile phone using your digital card, and stay in control of your personal finances, by means of charts and spending targets you can customize completely.

    WHAT DOES imaginBank OFFER YOU?

    • A bank account without fees or maintenance charges
    • Basic operations dealing with accounts, bills, transfers and cards
    • Control and management of your personal finances, savings and household economy
    • Turn your smartphone into your wallet and pay in a moment with your digital card
    • Search for nearby ATMs
    • Free imagin Visa card
    • Send money to your friends free of charge and create an imagin contact list
    • Make your dreams come true setting yourself saving targets
    • Enjoy discounts and experiences available exclusively from imaginBank
    • Get money right away with the imagin&go loan
    • Protect your purchases with imagin&buy
    • Protect your dog and cat with our pet insurance
    • Find the nearest ATMs and check your balance with your Smart Watch
    • Send and receive money from WhatsApp with the ImaginBoard keyboard
    • Cancel your transfers in the event of an error
    • Your imagin account is free. Your imagin Visa card too
    • Set your own goals. We help you achieve them
    • We offer you services that help you to manage your money
    • You are always protected from any kind of fraud

    Sections you will find in imaginBank:

    • View the 3 latest transactions with your card and set or check the amount you expect to spend using your card
    • Check expenditure, dividing your purchases into categories
    • Set the amount you expect to spend each month

    • You can see details of expenditure from your imaginBank account
    • Shows information about the balance you have available in your imagin account
    • Records transactions you have carried out in chronological order
    • Information can be viewed in three tabs: All movements, Income and Expenditure

    • Allows you to keep track of the bills associated with your imaginBank account
    • Shows bills ordered chronologically and a chart of monthly expenditure
    • Check bills by category and see where you spend more money, among other options

    • Allows you to access a summary of monthly expenditure with your imagin Visa card
    • You can see a chart showing how the monthly expenditure with your card that you forecast is going
    • Gives you a breakdown of purchases with your card and cash withdrawals at ATMs
    • Shows a list of purchases in chronological order
    • Request a new card in sticker or wristband format
    • Pay with your card via your mobile phone using your digital card

    • Send money to other people from your account, using your phone number (Bizum) and without paying commission
    • Withdraw money from an ATM without the need for a card, using a code that you will receive in a text message

    ADVANTAGES of imaginBank
    • No bank charges
    • If you are a CaixaBank customer and use CaixaBankNow you will be able to register quickly and very easily. If you are not a customer, you can register through the form
    • Access with fingerprints
    • You can request a new card in sticker format
    • If you have any queries, talk to Gina, our customer service chatbot
    • Pay with your mobile phone using your digital card
    • Discover the Imaginers Area, a space for customers and non-customers, where you will be able to access all the advantages and new features of imaginBank
    • Access the “Compra Estrella” shop to find out about the best special offers and promotions

    imaginBank is compatible with all Android smartphones from version 4.2.

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