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    Cost Split is the best bill splitting app to share IOUs and split expenses with friends to make sure that everyone gets paid back.

    Dividing expenses/bills with friends? Simply create a group and add members. Add expenses and free yourself from managing too many receipts. Track balances any time. Know whom you need to pay or take and how much without any calculations.


Use Cost Split to Trip expenses Calculator & Bill Split with roommates, to figure out costs for a group vacation, or just to remember when a friend spots you for lunch. Pay Your Restaurant and Bar Bills From Your Phone

    Easy splitting of group expenses.The simplest way to calculate who owes what. Cost Split keeps track of your gang’s expenses and IOUs – great for travelers, friends, couples, and others. It shows who should pay next to keep the balance. It also calculates how you should settle at the end of the trip and minimizes the number of transfers. All expenses are backed up and synced across the group so each member can see them. This app will help you settle the debts and the emotions.

    Cost Split is the most versatile of all the bill splitter apps on the play store and fits most situations where you need to split costs between multiple people. You can create groups with various friends and divide up what each person owes.

    Cost Split helps to divvy up travel expenses on a group vacation.

    Budget and Bill Organizing

    • Organizing bills by week, month and year as well as by categories

    • Schedule the payments and recurring payments

    • Payment alerts
• Calendar view for expense and income

    • Calendar budget forecasting

    Split cost Key features:
    Fast and easy to use

    Online and offline support

    Attach photos to expenses and sync them as well

    Push Notifications when someone updates your groups

    Split expenses unevenly (either by amount or coefficient)

    Transfer support (money transactions like loans and paybacks)

    Payback calculations (who should pay what to whom?)

    Intelligent payback algorithm - minimize the number of transactions by entering an amount you don't care about

    E-mail reports (list of expenses, person summary, payback plan, and currency information)

    Multiple currencies - download currency rates, intelligent localized currency support

    Multi-platform: Android, iOS
    Works offline

    Covers many use-cases (even split, split by weights, multiple people paid, incomes etc.)
 Easy group sharing via a link or to nearby devices

    Many currencies and exchange rates

    No need for every group member to download the app

    Member statistics & transactions filter

    Notifications about changes and history

    Email and CSV export

    Read-only access

    Widget & shortcuts for quick expenses

    Translated to many languages

    Focus on a great design and user experience

    Plus Our Extra Features:
    Tips calculation
    Tax calculation
    Items discounts
    Equal bill splitting
    Unequal bill splitting (super sleek! the best out there)
    SMS overall bill
    Local currencies support
    Edit items (long-press an item to edit)
 Save/load groups
    Save/load tax presets
 Quantity option

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