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    Ask a psychologist a question and get free and anonymous assistance by chatting.

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    If you need a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist, then this is the app for you! Here you can anonymously ask any question that is bothering you and get valuable advice. Our anonymous psychological help chat app attracts many active users. There are depression chats, therapy chats and lonely chats, where you can meet new people and new friends, experienced counsellors will give you useful advice. This is the perfect place if you require support in your depression and anxiety. There are groups of people with the same type of depression discussing and sharing similar problems and they will never judge you, only support.
    It can help you to shed new light on your problem.

    Show that you care! Share your experience. Advise and talk with other users. Sometimes for many people our psychological online therapy is the only way out of a difficult situation.To get rid of anxiety, phobias, depression, sadness, stress, anger, apathy, worries, decay and hopelessness, jealousy, problems in relationships, problems during a divorce.

    Our app allows you to find conversation partners that take an active interest in your well-being. Ask questions and get answers of caring people. Talk about anything in the world that concerns you and be sure that you remain anonymous. Psychiatry is intimate and we respect it.

    Human psychology is very complex and multifaceted, and it is one of the most fascinating and interesting things that we can explore.
    In this anti stress and anti anxiety chats you can find:

    - Emotional support
    - advice about relationships
    - support in relationships
    - help to free you anxiety
    - new people and friends
    - psychologist or psychotherapist support
    - distress
    - good mood
    - getting rid of social phobia

    Or you can just open a chat alone with a cup of tea on the couch and, who knows, maybe someone from the other end of the planet is waiting for your help or is ready to help.

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