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    Would you like to quit smoking? If your answer is yes, you are making one of the best decisions in your life. Download the Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer for free and start a new life!

    Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer is an application that will help you gradually quit smoking with ease thanks to an online therapist whom will guide you at all times.

    Begin to recover your health and enjoy the benefits of quitting to smoke.

    Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer:

    We will combat the psychological and physical needs.
    We will improve your motivation and ability to quit.
    You will learn to control your anxiety and be able to cope with difficult situations, especially after quitting.

    In the initial phase you will find out your smoker profile, your level of physical addiction to nicotine and your consumption habits.
    This information will allow us to develop a complete personalized program that is adapted to your real needs as a smoker.

    After the initial evaluation is completed you will be able to access your personalized treatment program.

    Everyday you will complete 4 tasks:

    The challenge of the day
    Reflections and myths
    Final review of the day

    The daily tasks will help you to gradually change your smoking habits and eliminate the mental barriers that prevent you from taking the step to quit.

    The relaxation guide will teach you simple skills on how to relax and control anxiety.
    The Crisis section is designed for those moments when you don't want to smoke but are having extreme cravings to do so, especially after D-day.

    Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer is the best free App to quit smoking. Thousands of users have already quit with our program. If they can do it, you can too!

    Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer has been developed with the collaboration of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria by health care providers specialized in tobacco use and health. The program has received the endorsement of the Official College of Psychologists of Las Palmas University (COP Las Palmas) and of the director of the University Foundation of the Canary Islands.

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