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    ╿AutoWear is a Tasker plugin for Android Wear. You need to have Tasker ( installed to use many of its features, so please be aware of that before using it.
    You also need an Android Wear device. It won't work on other types of smart watches
    ╽You can get a free trial of Tasker here:

    AutoWear enables you to automate your Android Wear device in ways you never imagined

    Voice Commands with AutoVoice integration
    You can easily bring up a voice command screen and do voice commands that are sent directly to AutoVoice

    Ok Google integration
    Choose from a list of pre-defined voice commands that you can integrate directly with "Ok Google". Check how here:

    Create Screens
    Create your own interactive screens. Check the video and screenshots for examples

    Create Notifications
    Show notifications on your wear device whenever you want, with the info you want. Best of all, most screens can be embedded in notifications!

    Floating Icons
    Create icons that stay on top of everything you do so they always stay immediately accessible no matter where you are.

    Control your watch
    Change settings, launch apps, check your heart-rate and step count, check your watch's battery level... The possibilities are endless!

    Control your phone from your watch
    You can react to watch events like plugged in to a power source, or screen on and off or even connected and disconnected from your device to automate your phone in any way you can think of

    Free Trial
    You can try out the full version of AutoWear with the built-in 7 day trial. You need to sign in to Google+ to enter the trial so that it stores your trial date on Google's "Cloud Saves" server. You can just set all sharing settings to private if you're concerned about privacy when signing in :)

    Important Note: there is known issue on the Sony Smartwatch 3 Android 5.0 that causes battery drain and makes the shake feature not work. To avoid this, please update your Sony Smartwatch 3 to Android 5.1 and all everything will work the way it should!

    Important Note 2: there is known issue that the shake detection doesn't work on the Huawei watch if it's not updated. Please update it to the latest version to make the shake feature work.

    The app unlock may not work if you have Lucky Patcher, Freedom, or possibly any other program designed to circumvent licensing protection.

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