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    How To Make Manga Character

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    If you are creating your own manga (Japanese-style comics) or maybe just writing fanfic ( fan-fiction , fan writing) from your favorite anime or manga , you can create an interesting character so people will read your story. But of course, the unique character does not have to be a perfect figure, which is an ideal figure for the reader as well as you as a writer.

    1 Define your character's blood type. In Japan, blood type is considered as a general determinant of one's personality. You can use blood type as a reference to know what kind of character you want to create. Personality related to blood groups can be explained as follows:
    • O - self, optimistic, and strong-willed, but also too self-concerned so often indifferent to the environment and not easy to guess
    • A - creative, closed, and responsible, but also stubborn and easily anxious
    • B - active and vibrant, but also selfish and less responsible
    • AB - adaptable and have a rational mindset, but also forgetful and too critical
    2 Specify the date of birth of your character. The western zodiac and the eastern zodiac (such as Shio ) can be used to determine the age or year of birth of your character, as well as the date of birth. In addition, the zodiac can also be used as a reference in determining the personality of your character.

    3 Use Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicators (MBTI). Myers-Briggs personality test can help you get information related to more complex personality types. The types of personality in MBTI are the result of psychological research and you can make reference to make the personality of the characters you create become stronger and more complex.

    4 Balance the personality of your character. Surely you want a character that has a balanced personality, so that your character becomes interesting and reasonable. Calculate how many good qualities and bad traits your character possess and then try to make your character has a lot more bad qualities than good. In this way, as the personality story of your character can develop and at the end of the story, your character has left behind his bad qualities. Some examples of bad traits are:
    • Manipulative
    • Often lie
    • Like to humiliate others
    • Not concerned with the impact of his actions on others
    • Just thinking of his own interests
    • Can not control herself well
    • Easily angry, even for small or unintentional things
    • Being rash or reckless

    5 Give a great name to your character. Many people believe that names can affect a person's personality. There are several studies that show that a person who has the unusual name can be a victim of bullying (bullying) and personality problems that originated from intimidation. There are also people who believe that names can determine the overall personality of a person (these people are Kalabarians). Regardless of whether or not the name's ability to influence personality, these beliefs can be used as a reference to determine your character's name.
    • Try to avoid using unusual names, especially if you use a realistic setting for your story. It can make your character look incompatible with your story.

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