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    Heart Rate Analyzer is the App that allows you to perform a comprehensive data analysis of the Samsung heart rate sensor for both IR and RED sensors. Getting heart rate sensor data is possible only for Samsung devices, that are equipped such sensors OR some other Android devices that have the same sensors. But getting the results of analysis can be done on any Android device, if you transfer the sensor data from the Samsung devices by using external microSD-card or Google Drive cloud service.



    • Completely NO ads.

    • Oximeter. Calculation the oxygen saturation (SpO2).

    • Possibility to save the raw heart rate sensor data of both IR and RED sensors to the internal memory, the external memory (e.g., micro SD-card), or to your Google Drive.

    • Possibility to load heart rate sensor data on another Android device using a micro SD-card or your Google Drive service.

    • Possibility to get heart rate sensor data with a duration between 30 sec and 30 min.

    • Possibility to create a database of your heart wave data for a long period of time for future analyzing.

    • Detailed visual inspection of heart wave data (finger arterial pressure FAP waveform).

    • Comprehensive data and statistical analysis of the many heart wave parameters, including long term data on one diagram. Besides the oxygen saturation, these parameters include heartbeats per minute (bpm), perfusion index, stiffness index, reflection index, peripheral augmentation index and more.

    • Color-defined values of the heart wave parameters and manual adjustment the alerting thresholds.

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