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    Relaxation, Discovery, Enjoyment - MSC Cruises fulfills three wishes in a single holiday.

    Only the official MSC Cruises app gives you access to a range of services and benefits that take you to the heart of the holiday you’ve always dreamed of.

    By downloading the official MSC Cruises app you’ll have access to the ultimate cruise planning tool.

    In an instant, the official MSC Cruises app will take you through the most beautiful holidays in the world, offering a privileged glimpse of heavenly places and truly fascinating cities.

    Come aboard the MSC Cruises fleet with a virtual tour and follow the position of MSC Cruises ships in real time as they travel the seas and oceans. Today, all you need is an app to explore the world.

    Download the official MSC Cruises app now, it will be your window looking out to sea.

    Integrated functions include:

    -discover our dream destinations across the world and explore our exciting travel itineraries;
    -search for cruises, even without an Internet connection, and pick the one that’s right for you;
    -save cruises to your favorites;
    -discover the right offer for you and activate push notifications to keep up-to-date with the latest news;
    -call the MSC Contact Centre directly from the App and book your cruise;
    -come aboard the ships in our splendid fleet with virtual tours, webcams and photos that take you from the deck to the cabins;
    -follow the position of ships around the world in real time.

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