My own Monica Toy




    Come check out the new update for "My Own Monica Toy"! If you already had fun creating avatars for your friends and family, now you will find an even bigger variety for customization, with many different options. In total, you will find:

    * 5 skin colors;
    * 38 hair styles;
    * 22 pairs of eyes;
    * 16 beards;
    * 16 accessories;
    * 16 hats;
    * 7 pairs of glasses;
    * 7 extra options (including items for some very famous characters);
    * 35 t-shirts;
    * 08 jackets;
    * 31 pants/dresses;
    * 16 objects.

    If you're a fan of the "Monica Toy" animation, which has new episodes every week on the Monica and Friends official channel on YouTube, come and try the "My Own Monica Toy" app, so you have a great time creating people in funny and crazy versions. It is the perfect option to play with your friends and challenge them with guessing games!

    Share your creations on your social network pages - how nice is it to have your own version in Monica Toy style to show the world?

    Download the app now and have fun!

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