High Speed Rail




    High Speed Rail app helps you to enjoy easy rides between Hong Kong and Mainland cities.

    Trip Planner
    Hong Kong West Kowloon Station is set as the default as origin or destination station. You can search for the fare and train time table to stations of various mainland cities. It is easy and convenient to plan your journey.

    Ticketing Information
    Provides information on ticket types, purchasing channel and ticket collection details.

    Trip Information
    Provides boarding procedure, including check-in time and custom clearance to facilitate your travel to Mainland.

    Barrier-free facilities/ Exit Information/ Transfer Information (Hong Kong West Kowloon Station)
    Provides the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station exit information and barrier-free facilities and the transfer information to Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.

    Traffic News
    Traffic news provides real-time service status of High Speed Rail (Hong Kong section) through mobile phone message, helps you plan your journey to destination.

    Travel Information
    This offers information about a variety of tourist attractions along High Speed Rail, showing you an Incredible new Cross-boundary travel experience.

    High Speed Rail app is supported by
    Android smartphones running Android OS 6.0 or above

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