Introducing a lovely chat style novel app. Tons of exciting stories are waiting for you to explore!

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    Memperkenalkan, untuk yang pertama kali! novel Bahasa Indonesia bergaya obrolan sehari-hari. Ayo dicoba!

    Hello there! It’s me Joy! Let me explain a bit on what JOYLADA application can offer and why I decided to become presenter for JOYLADA.

    [Earlier week]
    Joy: I’m craving for novel!
    Staff: Go read it then?
    Joy: But I don’t have time. I spent most of my day on social medias, not enough for
    novel…let alone a nap time!
    Staff: I also don’t have much time either…tons of work to do.
    Staff: But I still manage to read several stories daily.
    Joy: REALLY!! How did you do that? Any tips?
    Staff: Well…my secret weapon is this…
    Staff: JOYLADA App!!
    Staff: A chat novel reading app for new generation, just like yourself Joy!
    Staff: Because it’s a chat style novel, you don’t have to spend much time for each story.
    Joy: Wow! That’s amazing!
    Joy: But… what if I would like to write a story myself?
    Staff: That’s even better, JOYLADA app allow all readers to write and publish their stories.
    Staff: I don’t want to brag about it.
    Staff: You will receive like, share and review for your stories which eventually create a yourself followers.
    Staff: What kind of story that you like?
    Joy: I like romantic, fantasy, feel good, horror, mystery, sci-fi, comedy, drama,… etc.
    Joy: and a lot more!! Is it OK if I like all of these?
    Staff: It’s all there for you.
    Joy: Awesome!
    Joy: Will I be able to find all of these?
    Staff: Absolutely, JOYLADA app considered UX is the top priority so the app itself is easy to
    use and the contents are well-organized.
    Joy: But I never create any account on JOYLADA. Will I still able to read?
    Staff: You don’t necessary need an account in order to read.
    Staff: See? It easy and cool! Suit for today generation.
    Joy: It considered a MISS not to download JOYLADA
    Staff: Please become our first user Joy!
    Staff: We would like you to become out presenter.
    Joy: OK, Let’s do it! I’m downloading now.
    Staff: You got it! Experience Joy by joining JOYLADA!
    End of dialogue.

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